Improve your data security &

privacy posture by 100x

Uncover Problems that can lead to breaches

and data protection violations

Can't ignore data breach risks and privacy penalties anymore

Data protection is technically and organizationally challenging. Data breaches, new threats, and privacy laws (GDPR, CCPA, etc) have made protecting data technically complex. Additionally, data protection is organizationally challenging - data engineers wish to unlock more data while security/privacy teams want to lock the data.

Get visibility and control over your data security posture

Our solution brings AI and privacy engineering to tackle both technical and organizational challenges. We locate problems and recommend actions to improve your data security posture.


Locate precise privacy risks and breach vulnerabilities across cloud and onpremises


Reduce unused stale data and excessive access. Dramatically reduce risks


Manage company’s data security posture. Drive actions across leadership and data teams

Get buyin from your data teams

Find Data Faster

Our platform helps data teams find relevant and popular data faster

Unlocks Hidden Data

80-90% of enterprise data is never used. We help data team unlocks hidden data

Reduce stale data

Save storage, compute and compliance costs

Reimagining Data Protection

We must reimagine data protection from the ground up to deliver a 100x impact on your organization’s data security posture

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We apply AI and privacy engineering to prioritize top breach risks or violations.


Our technology prioritizes top breach risks and violations


Delivers insights to drive actions and deliver meaningful impact

Easy to Set

No agents, appliances, coding nor changes to user habits

Full Control

Read only access to data, activity logs and access controls

Flexible Use

Run on the cloud or on-premises

Turn Key Solution

Doesn’t need custom coding

Get single pane visibility

Get complete visibility into your data security posture - what personal data your organization holds, who has access to it, and who is using it.

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Drive Actions

Drive Actions to reduce data security risks. Minimize stale data, inactive users, insider risks, excessive access to reduce breach risks and privacy issues materially

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Demonstrate Impact and Progress

Provides automatic risk scorecards to communicate company’s data security posture to leadership. Shows actions and its impact on overall data security risk

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Recognized by Industry Leaders and

Professional Certifications